New to Archery

Archery is both fun and social with the bonus of been good exercise.

Safety in archery is very important so before you can become a member of any archery club, you need to complete a short beginners course.  However,  once your have passed, your certificate can be used at any club.

Courses at Bronte Archers include a total of 12 hours of friendly tuition and advice.

  • Safety when shooting
  • Bows and arrows explained
  • Shooting technique (explained as you shoot)
  • Guide to archery protocol
  • Setting up targets
  • Scoring
  • Advice on buying equipment and getting started

We provide all the equipment for the course. So please, do not buy any equipment yet . If you decide that you wish to continue with archery after the course we can offer independent advice to help you purchase your own equipment.

For further information please contact Beginners Course Coordinator.