Bronte Archers

New to Archery


Archery is both fun and social with the bonus of been good exercise.

Safety in archery is very important so before you can become a member of any archery club, you need to complete a short beginners course.  However,  once your have passed, your certificate can be used at any club.

Courses at Bronte Archers include a total of 12 hours of friendly tuition and advice.

  • Safety when shooting
  • Bows and arrows explained
  • Shooting technique (explained as you shoot)
  • Guide to archery protocol
  • Setting up targets
  • Scoring
  • Advice on buying equipment and getting started

We provide all the equipment for the course. So please, do not buy any equipment yet . If you decide that you wish to continue with archery after the course we can offer independent advice to help you purchase your own equipment.

Current course availability is as follows


Course 11  13th September 2019 - Fully Booked


Course 12   8th November 2019 - Fully Booked


More courses will be announced in 2020


Please email Craig for advice on places available -


Starting date and time

The courses consists of six weekly sessions between 7pm till 9pm on a Friday.



The fee for the course is £60 per person and we ask that this be paid before the start of the first session.



Acceptance of each junior (aged between 8 and 17) on the course is subject to approval of the coach. Juniors must be accompanied by parents, or parentally approved guardians at all times when at the archery club.



We provide all the equipment for the course. Please, do not buy any equipment yourselves. If you decide that you wish to continue with archery after the course, we can offer advice to help you purchase your own equipment.



You should wear comfortable but close fitting clothing. If it’s cold weather better to wear several thin layers rather than one bulky one. In particular, it’s important that you don’t wear jumpers or jackets with baggy sleeves as bow strings tend to catch on them and spoil your shot!

For the same reason and for personal safety you should remove any jewellery or personal body piercing that might be caught by the bowstring. Long hair should also be tied back. Shoes should have a fully enclosed toe, not sandals or crocs.

Sessions will not be cancelled due to rain/bad weather unless there is a risk of thunder and lightning or reduced visibility makes shooting dangerous, so please dress appropriately.



We are at Rawdon Meadows playing fields at Apperley Bridge, from the main road Bronte Archers is the single story building at the end of the right hand drive.

The nearest postcode, BD10 0NN, is for the car sales garage on the bridge across the road from the ground.